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  Acid Base and Buffer solution Acid: Acid are the substance which converts a blue litmus paper to red. Having the P H less than seven. Acid usually has a sour taste. When the acid react with base to form a salts and water. Example is hydrochloric acid. Base. Bass are the substance which convert red litmus paper to blue. Having the P H More than seven. Base usually has a bitter taste. When the base react with acid to form a salt and water. Example. Sodium hydroxide.  Arrhenius theory The concept of acid and base was first presented by the ARRENIUS in 1884. It is also known as the ARRENIUS theory of Ionization  and the Electronic Association. Acid: Acid is a substance which when dissolved in water, it gives the hydrogen ion (H + ) is known as the acid. Example is hydrochloric acid.  HCl------------->  H + + Cl - Base: Base is the substance which when dissolved in water, it gives the hydroxyl ion (OH - ) is known as the base. Example sodium hydroxide NaOH------------->