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GCMS (Gas chromatography mass spectrometer)

GCMS (Gas chromatography mass spectrometer) History: In gas chromatography, the mass spectrometer was used as a detector.It was discovered by Roland gohlke and Fred Mclafferty in 1950. In 1996, a high-powered & high-speed GCMS passed the fire acceterants test in less than 90 seconds, while the first generation of the GCMS did the task in 16 minutes. After some time it was simplified with the help of cheap and small computers and together it has saved a lot of time. The GCMS is made up of two parts, GC the first part and the second part is MS. The injector, inlet, column, oven in the GC part while the MS acts like a detector. The MS part consists of a heater chamber, ionization chamber, quarter pole and a detector. Relative abundance of isotopes: The percentage of a particular isotope of an element which exits naturally is called the relative abundance of isotopes. Mass Spectrometer: The technique which atom or molecules are converted into ions and are se